Titan Poker with Grind Promo of the Rolling Out Lord

The Lord of the Grind will be launched by Titan Poker to be able to reward players with monthly cash bonuses. With this, they will be accumulating points in the Titan Poker tournaments and cash games. In this Lord of the Grind challenge, there will be four different levels of difficulty. The players of this day have a certain number of points in a day. If you are interested in earning a pending bonus, it may take you about 10 to 20 days. The maximum player reached $ 30 in just the first level. If you will reach the level 2, you can win up to $ 80. Then, level 3 will take you $ 150. For the level four, you get the amount of $ 250 for the points you picked. If you haven’t played with Titan Poker before, this is Lord of the Grind Promo. You can use a Titan Poker bonus code while signing up for an additional cash bonus.

There are multiple levels for those who qualify for the highest reward. It does not even require that players achieve the target points in the consecutive days. This is just pkv games the calendar month that players will consider. Aside from the regular benefits, players can also win the Lord’s Grind promo through the Club Titan VIP program. This is the only Titan Poker website for this tournament. You can see the status of your progress through the game widget. That way, you can easily track your achievements in different levels of the game.

Check Your Status And Win The Monthly Bonuses Of The Lord Of The Grind

The Lord of the Grind is now holding monthly poker grinder trials for poker players out there. If you want to participate in this event, you have the chance to win up to $ 250 in monthly bonuses. The Round Poker Table is the only Knight of the Honor seat and claim that you can take. So start, you need to opt-in in-game. The poker grinder trials of the four levels of mastery that you master.

Right after that, you can generate a certain number of points each day. There are 10 or 20 days in a calendar month that you can reach the Grind Shield of the Lord. Remember that the higher the monthly reward, the higher the difficulty level.

Checking your status in the game is easy. Just check the box where you can check the status button and then get your result updated. The status page requires that you log-in with password and nickname where you can also see the calendar of your points accumulated. There is also a progress table where your qualification levels are shown. There is also the status bar that shows the points that you have earned in a day. This means that your current ranking will be higher. In fact, the rewards are great because the Lord of the Grinds are not so easy.

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