Stud Poker – Beginners Guide to Seven Card Stud Poker

Just before the Texas hold’em thrive, seven-card stud has been typically the very widely used poker game across most of the us, however in European internet poker districts it is often known as a exact free profitable sport with plenty of easy money. The match is played with antes and also bring-ins, and each and every participant receives two cards face down, along with one face up, denoted as (xy)z. The player with the bottom face card up creates a driven wager named the draw in. At an identical manner as 5 card stud, even if no player increases afterward a gamer earning the bring in does not have a opportunity to raise.

Each player receives four more cards, the last of which will be dealt down. After each of the four cards there’s really a betting round, where the highest hand showing acts . Subsequent to the fifth betting round all staying players show-down their palms to find out that takes the pot.

Ranking in stud changes throughout the hand thanks to the draw in, and this creates a visible difference on those blinds utilized in play’em.

You will generally possess position to the player to your immediate straight, also (slightly less over the ball player to his immediate correct ). According to most gaming rounds you’re likely to become acting after these, giving you a opportunity to learn the things that they do until you are doing. In five-card stud this leaves little difference, however, as seven-card stud is significantly more of the drawing match, this is sometimes very crucial.

It also means that hidden pairs, even where see your head down hole cards make a set, are more important, since the best up cards behave first after 3rd avenue. Either you have improved to your monster hand, also behave , no bad thing, or the strength of one’s hands is hidden and you’re first to do something, also good!

Seven-card stud is also famous to get tons of fish round, and one of the principal things beginners make is playing many handson. Ever since your hands is improving independently to everybody else, it makes sense to get started with the best hands more usually.

In reality there is extra information available to you that you just don’t get in maintain’em or Omaha – namely the capacity to watch other people’s cards. It is essential if picking which beginning hands to perform , along with through the rest of the game .

Require (9s10s)Js for example. This really is just a powerful appearing hand, with lots of possibilities for straights and flushes, and ought to really be played within the appropriate conditions. But in the event that you are playing on a whole eight seat table, and outside of these aforementioned competitions up cards you may see two queens, an eight, and also 5 spades, then the potency of one’s hands is vastly paid off, and you most likely shouldn’t play with it.

Understanding this different hand strength according to competitor’s cards is important to winning at seven-card stud. Keeping the very same example, envision you decide to play with the hands calling a little raise along with just two players. Now on 4th avenue, you are dealt the two of spades. One of one’s opponents is coped with a spade. You now hold a 4 card flush, and appearing at your hand, this appears sound. With nine much more spades to hit a flush, and also three opportunities to do so, this palm looks playable.

But consider today using the competitions up cards, half that have been spades! You finally only have about three cards to hit to earn your hand, so vastly diminishing your odds. Couple this together with how a flush may perhaps not be sufficient enough to get the hands even when you do create it, and also your hands now looks like a recipe for disaster.

The very same goes for pairs at your hand. In the event you maintain (QsKh)Kc, this again is a potent hands. However, in case you are able to see other players have in between both of one’s other kings and a queen, then subsequently the potency of one’s hands can be enormously diminished by your own inability hitting excursions, and diminished chance of hitting pair. Also if 1 of the competitors comes with an ace showing, also boost, they’ve specialists, meaning you’re beaten currently. Likewise, if none of your opponents are showing that a card previously mentioned a-9, in that case your group of championships is much stronger.

When you’re contemplating your beginning hand against your competitors up cards, they’re also comparing they’re hands . That is what makes hidden pairs substantially stronger than pairs where among the cards will be face-up. (KsKh)3h appears weak to your competitions, and might play nicely, especially in the event that you grab an alternate king. (As2h)a-c is ahead concerning poker, but it also seems to be tougher to your competitors, providing you with greater likelihood of winning a little pot, however not chance of winning a huge kettle.

Beginners Guide to Choose an Online Poker Room!

I’ve begun to play with internet poker years back, and I rememberthat I didn’t understand witch poker room if I begin, lots of supplies, lots of bonuses, but one to select? Once you first begin playing internet poker, then it’s extremely imperative that you select the ideal poker room.

There are always a bandarq lot of web sites on the market, of course if you don’t explore, and also read the fine print, then you may wind up getting a poor first encounter. First thing You Need to Consider, is that you enjoy the website about witch You’re playing, Should You not enjoy your self in the Website, it’s like getting a project, at which each 30minutes that the supervisor yells in you (I had jobs like this, and believe me it Isn’t great )

It’s possible to look atthe images, and also the air of the website, witch is extremely crucial.

There are lots of poker rooms, also you also might have the freedom to opt for an excellent one. Thus prior to signing to and including site, be sure that you decide to try them out .

The 2nd thing You Need to consider, is the area gets the games that you would like to play with, and also the tables are somewhat occupied Once You have time to play with (possibly the Dark jack, isn’t just occupied Once You sleep)

You ought to ensure, that the bets are comfortable to youpersonally, some internet sites start at high constraints plus a number at low constraints. It’s also extremely essential, to come across a poker room where there’s not much rivalry, adventure players (sharks) desire to locate, rooms together with in experienced players.

How to Play Pai Gow Poker

Many casinos are conscious of the recognition of poker. Sadly, poker is a recreation performed in opposition to different gamers and never the Home, so the casinos have little involvement in common poker, apart from to cost a rake (a share of every pot) for using the seller and the desk. To mix the weather of poker with these of typical desk video games performed in opposition to the home, casinos have invented plenty of poker variations which can be performed like conventional desk video games, participant vs. the on line casino.

One such in is Pai Gow. In Pai Gow Poker, after every participant places up a wager of their selecting they’re dealt seven playing cards. Your goal is to make your greatest five-card and two-card poker hand. As a rule, your 5 card hand have to be stronger than your two card hand. In case you are dealt A, A, 9, 8, 7, 3, 3, you could possibly not break up your palms into 9, 8, 7, 3, Three and AA. You possibly can break up them into A, A, 9, 8, 7 and three, 3, or A, A, 3, 3, 7 and 9, 8. So long as your five-card hand beats the two-card hand, you may organize them nevertheless you want. In case you are unsure the optimum technique to set your hand, you may ask the seller that can assist you. There may be one joker within the deck, which can be utilized in your hand to finish a straight or a flush, or as an Ace. The joker shouldn’t be wild, you can not use it to pair any card in your hand apart from the Ace.

Upon getting set your hand, the seller additionally units his hand. If each of your palms beat each of the seller palms, you win an quantity equal to your preliminary wager. If each of the sellers’ palms beat each of yours, you lose your wager. If one hand wins and the opposite loses, it is a tie and nobody wins. The Home will get its edge by charging a 5 p.c fee on profitable bets.

In Pai Gow you even have the choice of being the “Banker”. In case you select to be the Banker, you place up a sum of cash to cowl (or “Financial institution”) the entire bets on the desk (if the quantity you place up shouldn’t be sufficient, the Home will decide up the place you left off). In case you are the Banker, you play in opposition to all Gamers. Your 5 p.c fee is calculated in spite of everything wins and losses are tabulated. Being the Banker affords a really slight edge as a result of in case your palms “copy” (are precisely the identical) a Participant’s hand, you win.


Sports Betting Websites For Baseball

According to researches, you can find over 1million Baseball betting websites live on the internet to day and over 3 million Sports Betting Websites. Those really are a good deal of options, frankly speaking, however, are such good options if you ever come to think of it?

In choosing your own sports betting internet site, you must look at a lot of things first like reachable payment method, user friendly navigation platform, customer support and security. Listed below are list of several of the most reputable sports gambling websites available on the market. Go to every one attentively and learn where to invest your money correctly. After all, one can not be too careful when it comes to investments, especially in such seasons of financial collapse.

Bear in mind there are sports betting betting websites for a judi online particular field. One site could possibly be good for football but perhaps not for base ball. This moment, we are emphasizing baseball. Here’s a list of recommended Sports Betting Websites for Baseball:

1. Best Sportsbooks – It includes a comprehensive database of advice about gambling and contains reviews for sports books and poker. Additionally, it sells merchandises which is going to be appreciated by diehard fans.

2. Betting Genius – It allows you to find access with team data and also accurately predict future match matches that can increase your odds of winning.

3. Sportsbook Scene – It features a vast assortment of betting avenues for unique sports and gambling. In addition, it features advice which may assist you to pick on who to bet on and how much to pay for.

4. Sportsbook Online – It includes a comprehensive collection of the very best sports gambling websites offered in the net. It’s a simple accessibility to all of the reputable gaming websites which can create your choosing a whole lot easier.

5. Sports Betting Forum – It can give you hints about what’s happening in sports betting and How-Tos of handicapping through advice out of practitioners and enthusiasts.

6. Turbobets- It offers Selection of advice Including Betting Advice into Sports Book Guide. It also offers basic guide to handicapping, live lines and provides updates on the most current in sport.

7. Diamond Online Sportsbook – It includes plenty of options for payment scheme which is effective for customers and contains other game options such as online poker and casino.

8. BookMaker – With its 20 decades of experience, it has been demonstrated to be a frontliner from the online gaming sector. It is known for its customer service and a lot of payment options for bettors.

9. Simply Bet – It has an impressive gaming port along with userfriendly deposit choices. It also gives advice on team status and gives an overview of things to expect in the upcoming sports matches.

10. Sports Betting – It is famous for the professionalism and excellent support which sports fans will dig.

Choosing your sports betting website is often quite catchy. It may not move well on the first try, however don’t be reluctant to see other websites. The key is finding the proper handicapper to suit your demands and you will not have an issue earning those bets that are precious.

Keno Video Game Guide

One of the earliest games on the planet that exist today is Keno. Would you believe that the game looked in China at 187 BC? Keno premiered by Cheung Leung of Han Dynasty, once his city was at war for several years, and commenced running out of supplies and money.

Cheung Leung conceptualized an notion that would possibly fund his army would not add more taxes onto his taxpayers, the match enabled Cheung Leung to acquire sufficient money to be able to finance the war. It’s then called the”Game of the White Pigeon”, because using lack of communicating around the countryside, the news of successes and declines has been obscured with a dove.

The match invented by Cheung Leung is somewhat similar to this modern sport of Keno we have been playing now. The overall game of Keno is a lottery game very similar to bingo, at early times lottery is strictly prohibited but horse races is legal, thus a match of Keno is called a”race” to hide it has true individuality.

It’s traditionally played lounges at the casinos especially allocated to the game. To help keep the players knowledgeable of their winning amounts, television tracks have been dispersed throughout the casino halls.

You could also delight in playing Keno from the internet only pay a visit to the many dependable online casino internet sites that offer you a listing of this optimal/optimally casino games to maximize your gaming expertise, or play the video version of Kenothe coin functioned slots-like machines bandarq, that applies the very same principle and similar rules although also the outcome is much faster.

To start the match, a player has to decide on a minimum of but not more than 10 numbers in between 1 to 2 80. “Position” is termed to each and every assortment, so in the event that you select 10 numbers you are playing the 10 Spot match. Keno tickets are offered at the tables all over the match and directly right to the casino Keno lounge. A”Keno Crayon” is supplied by the casino because of this use.

Simply mark the quantities of one’s pick a sterile keno ticket. Then you will present your ticket into the keno desk with your wager and also a duplicate ticket is going to be offered to you personally by the clerk. In a number of moment, twenty numbered balls will likely be drawn out of a cone containing eighty numbered chunks, and should adequate numbers from your picks are attracted, then you are a success. There are displays that exhibit the outcome termed Keno boards, around the casino.

You are able to guess the minimum as low as 5 cents, although some other casinos simply accept $1 bets or higher. The house’s keno brochures gives you advice about different tickets you may play along with payouts.

The sum of money you may gain depends on the sort of ticket you play and also the range of stains captured. You may play as many tickets as you possibly can. You could secure a whopping $50,000 on a $1 bet in certain casinos.

As stated by the Keno sport playedthe home gain on Keno changes. It’s always around 30 percent or high. The possibilities of hitting one number in 80 is only 0.25 percent, rendering it the worst guess in Keno.

Need more online keno guide in this way? Go to – an on-line casino gambling site, giving a comprehensive collection of online keno manuals .

About three Chief Reasons Sky Poker Is Flourishing On the Web Poker Specialized Niche

Are you really curious in online poker? If you’re, then you might not have pointed out that Sky Poker is conducting a highprofile advertisements effort of overdue at social press, that will be intended to attract new clients. Extravagant promotional initiatives can undoubtedly develop a whole lot of attention, but numerous curious parties could wonder if each one the hoopla is going to be warranted with the item that Sky Poker delivers.

On occasion it could be hard to decide on from your a variety of online poker websites, although it may be tempting to stick with all the famous brands, so it might well not of necessity function as the far better choice.

This record may rate the way in which by that Sky Poker scores to the weather which matter to the majority of internet poker followers. This can allow you to select whether they’re the optimal/optimally choice for the own requirements dominoqq.

A Sky Poker Reward: Why It Is Necessary For Original Time Gamers

Customers are specially interested from the bonuses provided by poker suppliers. These provide end users the opportunity to check out the internet site without needing a fantastic deal in their money, so that this performs a central role once it regards bringing new customers. Moreover, bonuses pose the occasion to find some thing , as all-cash acquired by means of all them may be kept by an individual. You will find specialized incentive comparison internet sites on the web that are frequently utilised by customers searching for your greatest bargain.

After launching a fresh

in Sky Poker, fresh customers have the occasion to get the sought-after Sky Poker’ reward. While incentives tend to be more likely to change once a while, the gift? 1, 000 Sky Poker reward is definitely among the greatest promotions available presently time.At that moment of enrolling, you also will be requested to extend a Sky Poker bonus code, which might be procured from the proper bonuses internet site. This isn’t always mandatory but it’s better to check on before to starting an account up.

The Sky Poker Web-pages: Elements Along With Usability

The significance of an internet poker site’s style isn’t to be redeemed. In scenarios in which a consumer struggles to obtain that which he or she’s searching for readily, they is going to nearly surely get frustrated after which look else where.

The fundamental design and style inside the Sky Poker internet site resembles other poker sites. Numerous kinds of poker matches are recorded down the leftand also typically the very widely used poker matches displayed at the midst.

If you’re a newcomer to online poker then you could discover that Sky Poker presents low limitation tables at which it is possible for you to learn regarding the match with modest buyins. Additionally they also enable visitors to appraise their own most recent operation heritage in actual time, even from inside of the authentic poker match. Participants have the ability to find out their prior moves, the palms they engaged in, stakes wins, made, and losses. This is sometimes quite a excellent resource that’s intended to aid each brand new in addition to experienced men and women boost their abilities.

Sky Poker Consumer Assist And Help

With respect to assistance and help Sky Poker does nicely. Backlinks to what that a person might want to remedy many issues are located on peak of each and every display screen on an aid menu. In addition it’s feasible to get hold of the business specifically. Get details to your own help-desk are exhibited carefully via a different hyperlink. Customers may discover replies to each possible query by means of these hyperlinks.

Each one the present day security characteristics you’ll like you’ll see will be incorporated from the internet site’s internet payment strategy. Even though on the web cost is not uncommon nowadays, some clients may possibly nonetheless have problems concerning any of it particular. To his or her sake, entire info on the topic of the payments are seen about the website.

The site exhibits each the ordinary and crucial caution messages regarding gaming. Back links to greatly help internet sites can be obtained for every customer that thinks that they could be establishing an dependence.

Draw Poker Odds

Understanding Draw poker chances will allow a canny player to own a feel of what hands they need to gamble on and exactly what they should fold.

This edition of poker would be the earliest form of poker known to man. Although the game has lost some fame to matches such as Omaha poker, it has a very good following. The overall game isn’t used community cards and so chances differ somewhat compared with different versions of the game.

If you have ever played video poker online then you will see that these machines have been based on draw poker where a new player has one possibility to draw new cards in order to enhance their hand. The strongest hand at the close of the round is declared the winner.

Without knowing which hands will be the most effective, you won’t be able to play draw poker. The hands in draw poker are ranked the exact same as other poker games, aside from 3-card poker where they fluctuate marginally.

Apparently, the greater your hands the better your odds are of winning the game. Draw poker is different to games with community cards as you’ll get a lesser idea as to the type of hand your opponent is currently pursuing. Everything you could do is see the number of cards that they discard. For instance, if you realize that your competitor has lost four cards then you may safely assume that he or she is holding a high card probably an Ace or a King. The possibilities of your competitor drawing on a better hand would be 3 to 1 against.

What you keep: What you drawWhat you need: Odds against

1 set 3 cards Anything 2.48 – 1

A Single pair 3 cards 2 pairs 5.25 – Inch
a Single set up and a kicker two cards Such a Thing 2.86 – Inch
1 set and a kicker 2 cards 2 Pairs 4.90 – 1
Ace 4 cards Such a Thing 3.00 – 1
Potential flush Inch card Flush 4.20 – Inch
Trips two cards Full house 15.4 – 1

2 pairs 1 card Entire home 10.75 – 1

It all boils down to the way you play the game and how sharply you wish to play with. Poker is just a game of luck as well as strategy, and most professional players will let you know it is not sufficient to have the perfect cards. Therefore using the draw poker odds table will provide you a fighting chance. If you would like to play it safe then you definitely won’t keep chasing the huge hands when you realize very well that the likelihood of you landing a great hand aren’t excellent.

If you’re sitting with a Ace after discarding four cards, then you shouldn’t sit there and expect for a royal flush. Weirder things have happened before, but mathematically you will shed far more from the future if you play this way.

Playing the ideal percentages will allow you to become a complete player and this may be the very first step to increasing your own heap. A good place to practice draw poker would be by playing video poker. These machines may often possess a draw odds dining table along with being a payout table so that you can see how well you are doing.

Free Poker Table Plans – How to Get the Very Best Table Available To Your Gaming Requirements

There arm any sites today that offer totally free poker table plans to help you find the top dining table to fulfill your needs. Really simply, the kind of poker dining table you get is very vital forgiving your poker match a professional appearance and texture. Of course, you could play on your living or kitchen room table, but if it regards your poker matches, particularly if you are an avid poker player, then this will not supply you with the professional appearance you are trying to find situs poker.

To start with, remember that there are many different kinds of poker tables you are able to aquire, and there are even uniquely designed ones to the certain kind of poker match you’re going to soon be playing. Evidently, there are several distinct forms of the incredibly popular sport of poker, therefore you’ll find a number of distinctive manners of tables also.

Try to remember, the dining table you decide to go with all depends on your preferences, your finances, and also naturally, how often you plan . Very simply, you can either go out, purchase a massive dining table armed with cupholders, built from mahogany, etc, or you can just acquire your standard plastic table. Its’ all up to you and how much you’re eager to shell out.

Another good advantage of owning your own poke table, aside from helping your match feel more professional, would be that you don’t have to worry about preserving your Kitchentable clean, or cleaning up it every time you’re having good friends over for an evening of poker. Simply go down the game room and have fun.

Remember, these can be purchased in most kind of size, shape, coloration, and price range you’ll be able to see right now. Additionally, you’ll be able to purchase either foldable or non foldable tables too. Very basically, if you never intend on enjoying poker frequently, and also wish to have the additional distance, then a foldable table might be your best bet.

All these can just be stored off the minute you are finished playingwith, and fast and easily set the next occasion you want to play. In addition, the terrific thing about these is that they are ordinarily very affordable. You do not have to break the lender to buy a table.

One among many more popular shaped tables bought now is the octagon table, crafted from wood. Of course, should you buy a table manufactured entirely from timber, you certainly need to be carefully you don’t get any scrape marks on it, as such sometimes happens without much effort, if you aren’t careful.

Naturally, like I alluded to earlier in the day, among the absolute most essential concerns you have to think about when looking for free poker table options is the way lots of players will likely soon be playing most given evenings. Most tables will enable between 8 10 players to play, but this clearly may differ from table .

Typically talking, you’re able to purchase tables created from wood such as cherry cherry oak, maple, etc. in addition, you might attempt to seek out tables built with armrests too nicely, in the event that you ant nothing but also the very best.

This is the simple information about most poker dining table tops, however the main point is, you will need to make certain you purchase it from as shop you are able to trust. Quite simply, do not go out and get one out of some little un-secured web site you have certainly not been aware about ; a excellent destination for a start out will be doing a fast hunt around the significant search engine such as Google, Yahoo or MSN, learn what kind of poker tables for sale they are available, and then go from that point. Ideally this information will probably shed some light onto the greatest free poker dining table plans available now, and allow you to locate the optimal/optimally poker dining table to get the gambling adventure.

The 5 Steps You Need To Take To DOMINATE Online Poker

A lot of people play poker the same way because they play live poker with their buddies.
They simply sit at a random table, buy-in, see their hole cardsand see their competitions a bit. These types of players, even even if they’re good poker players, wont make cash at online poker, even or even free income.

However, that are the winners in online poker? Nicely, a group of over 10 percent of the online poker group! Exactly why? As they know and use stuff additional on-line poker people have zero CLUE about.

This guide will reveal just ways to dominate online poker in only five methods Bandarqq.

Inch. Get Poker Resources

This step is the most important . Poker instruments are software programs that determine, memorizemonitor, monitor, upgrade and store information FAR simpler, quicker and much more exact than your own brains. You will require both monitoring applications (that tracks your play and your opponents play) and pot odds calculators (that computes all of your mathematical stats ).

2. Study, Read, Study

The further information you browse about more internet poker, the more you may know the better you will playwith. Novels, e-books, articles it doesn’t issue. Provided that it really is hard, nice and expert to browse then you have to achieve this.

3. Money-management

Money management, finance, administration or whatever you call it, is vital in the event that you are interested in being always a good, successful internet poker player. To begin with you will need to get organized. You must have a legitimate on-line accounts where all of your capital in your typical banking accounts can go in, and all of your funds can traveling to and from the on-line pokerroom cashiers. Second of all, you have to get a nose for simple and superior income. Poker Rooms supply bonuses and rakeback. As a result, you get paid while you play with : and if you play alot, why not play extra money? Play to get free bonuses, sign up bonusesand loyalty bonuses etc.. And don’t forget to receive totally free money all over the net web ( is a very good website for this). Third importantly, you want to know exactly what you acquire and the manner in which you win. At what poker space you earn profits? At what tables? Against that players? Keep playingwith! Or did you loose dollars? Just how come? Keep track of your winnings and losses and learn. Last however, do not blow away money. This really is actually a central blunder in poker since many do it However, you shouldn’t! If you are almost tilting due to some terrible beat, then go away and walk outside for a moment. But not throw away money. Quite grab the amount of money that get’s throwed at ya by additional stupid players!

4. See and learn

There are lots of poker videos where you can see expert’s playing online poker and beating fishes. Watching someone else play, some one who is better than you personally, might be exceedingly inspirational and above all enlightening. You’ll desire to find more information, perform keep on getting improved. This is a remarkable enthusiasm boost and a enjoyment! Believe me.

5. Get Experience

On-line poker is different than live poker in that EVERYTHING moves quicker. You can play more tables, so the drama moves quicker, funds transfers move quick, switch of players, so every one of the sounds and lights and images: you want to adapt. And you can just do this in case you play with lot’s of online poker, end up in lots of distinct circumstances and great deal of various internet poker rooms. A person simply enhances if he clinics! Combine theory with exercise, at all times!

I trust that I’ve shown that you what it takes to develop into a professional and successful internet poker player. For more information about all of the above please visit, the portal to players that wish to become winning online poker people!

Learn about Playing Poker Online

Using the progress in technologies and availability to internet; nonetheless, it has become potential for people to possess caliber of period in the contentment of of their homes. This really is because of the reason there really are a lot of websites about the internet offering many different chances to play with poker on line. If you hunt online, you’ll receive many sites which you are able to play poker on. It is a known fact that these video games have come to be a substitute for the casinos offline. This really is one reason why these matches have become popular on the internet. You do not have to move anywhere else to find the real time pleasure and fun.

These internet sites offer chances to engage in novice to experienced players and also have broad selection of matches to select from. On these times, perhaps not only children and youngsters but grown ups also find it fascinating to have fun after having a stressful day. This will fill out your day with excitement and delight. You will find few things which you have to continue in your mind before selecting any of these web sites. So as to have real period enthusiasm, you have to read the directions to play with the matches as that you are able to produce your wining methods. Also, you have to be sure that you choose only the web sites which enable you to play with at no cost.

You need to analyze a great deal before conducting on any of those websites bandarq online. This really is on account of the reason that a few of the sites are not legit and you should check their opinions first. One among the maximum ways to get fun will be to organize a poker get together at your place. You can invite each of your pals for having great situations by taking part in pokers. You don’t need to go everywhere and meet your friends on poker party in your residence. In order to add a lot more spark to the bash, you also will ask friends and family to decide on the games themselves.

There are a lot of options for playing poker online. All you have to do is make an internet hunt online and select the sites of one’s pick. You will also get the opportunity to make friends and family on the web since there really are a great deal of gamers that may play with you and offer the tips for playing the matches. These folks could be from different countries and nationality but you’re going to get their buddy and talk about your ideas and opinions.